Robe new ClubSpot 250CT & ClubWash 250CT fixtures
Robe Show Lighting’s new ClubWash and ClubSpot 250 CT range of fixtures is now in full production, following its launch at PLASA and LDI 2004.
The new Robe Club range has been specifically designed for club and discotheque applications and builds on the huge popularity of Robe’s XT Series in this market.
The Club Series combines the latest technology with plenty of creative scope and Robe’s unparalleled reputation for “affordability without compromise”.
It’s also been developed after listening to feedback from VJs, lighting designers/operators and owners and operators active in this demanding, fast moving environment – which has enabled Robe to deliver the products they really want.
Both Wash and Spot fixtures are feature-packed, built to Robe’s exacting engineering standards and keenly priced.
ClubSpot 250 CT
The ClubSpot 250 CT offers a gobo wheel with 10 static gobos including two replaceable slots + open, continuous rotation and gobo shake; a colour wheel with 11 colours + white, rainbow effect in both directions; manual focus, combined dimmers/shutter and strobe effect. The ClubSpot is great value-for-money and ideal for small to medium sized venues and bars or restaurants also incorporating a dance floor.
ClubWash 250 CT
Features include a manual zoom; colour wheel with 11 colours + white; rainbow effect; smooth dimmer & separate shutter + strobe effect. The ClubWash 250 CT is very easy to control and quick to programme. It’s highly competitively priced and with its outstanding features-for-value ratio, Club Wash is perfect for small to medium applications and for mobile D/VJs.
Both fixtures are easy to control and quick to programme. They include master or slave operation options, plus a stand alone mode, and all the versatility needed for a wide variety of installations.

Australian distributor: ULA
Version 2 of the Hippotizer available now
Hippotizer version 2, previewed at this year's PLASA Show, begins shipping this week. With new features including a control area on a separate screen from the main output screen, allowing images to be adjusted locally in a user-friendly, intuitive environment. In addition there is layer-level preview, up to sixteen image layers (depending on model) each with separate adjustment of all key parameters including brightness, contrast, colour, position and zoom. There is controllable interaction between layers; a master layer with 16-bit geometry applied globally to all other layers and an expanded range of supported media file formats, including Quicktime, Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 and AVIs. Hippotizer will also play back audio within video files.
Hippotizer's existing features, including its beat-detection engine and user-configurable real-time effects are further improved in version 2. Available in three models: Hippotizer Express, Hippotizer Stage and Hippotizer HD supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, all models support live video input, with Stage and HD allowing multiple video inputs. All three models also support a wide variety of control options, including DMX, RS232, Artnet, MIDI, timecode or external controllers such as the Behringer BCF2000. In addition, Hippotizer Stage and Hippotizer HD can output pixel information as DMX data via ArtNet.
Version 2 also includes the Hippotizer Media Access Protocol (H-MAP), a new open standard protocol that allows lighting desks to dynamically obtain and display previews of media clips from Hippotizer.
Nigel Sadler of Scene Change comments: "Version 2 of Hippotizer continues the lead that Hippotizer has established over other media servers, offering new features that professionals working in the digital media field have been demanding while maintaining the speed, versatility and reliability that existing Hippotizer users have come to trust. In addition, because we are also producers of original and bespoke media content, we are in a position to be able to offer over 1500 media files with every unit."
Australian distributor: Clearlight Shows www.clearlight.com.au
Martin launches Extreme Wizard effect
Martin Professional's Wizard effect light has been updated with a new set of gobo patterns, new refelctors and improved focus control. The new fixture offers up to 20% more reflection from its parabolic mirrors, say Martin.
The Wizard Extreme is DMX-intelligent and features a seven-colour wheel, a gobo wheel with 13 patterns (three now with dichroic reflectors) and a separate shutter for fast strobing. Split colour and twinkle effects are also possible. Also included are 12 spectacular macros for fast access to the Wizard's myriad of effects - ideal when fast yet impressive programming of lightshows is needed. An optional multi-coupler is available to create a powerful centerpiece for a total light and effect bombardment.
Designed for minimal maintenance and low operational costs, the Wizard Extreme houses a high-output 250W discharge lamp with a 2000-hour life. Martin has broadened the Wizard's ease of use with tool-free lamp adjustments and a fan that can be removed for easy cleaning. Also, a new built-in handle makes life easier for transportation and installation.

Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
HES releases new Hog 3 software
High End Systems has released version 1.3.7 software for the Wholehog 3 operating system. This new software provides many enhancements to the already feature-rich lighting console and adds several new features including Tap Sync for chases, additional comment macros and new preferences for show customization. Users may download the free software and enhancement details from the websites below.
During development of v1.3.7, the HES engineering department introduced a software testing program allowing select programmers and operators of HES equipment to work directly with the internal testing department and engineering staff. Describing his experience as a beta tester in the program, Majestic Productions' Jon "Hillbilly" Weir said: "We have gone through the major and minor bugs so everyone else doesn't have to. Throughout the program, the HES software engineers have been quick to fix bugs and add features as we have come up with them. It's been great to give feedback and see it quickly implemented in the software. With the release of version 1.3.7, the public will immediately have a very stable and much improved batch of software."
The HES software testing program will continue with future releases for the Wholehog 3 system and other HES products. Says Scott Blair, HES software testing program administrator, "The program has proved to be an invaluable resource for us by expanding our testing resources and providing direct communication with many of the industry's most knowledgeable Wholehog 3 users. In return, we have provided them with an opportunity to help shape the future of the products."
Individuals interested in participating in future testing should apply for the software testing program at the following site: www.digital.highend.com/library/betasignup.nsf/request?OpenForm
Brown’s Release Adjustable Projector Suspension Brackets
Recognising a need within the ever-growing AV industry for flexible hanging methods for video projectors, Brown's have developed an innovative range of brackets to suit popular models of video projectors.
Designed to be hung from industry standard lighting truss, these heavy duty brackets are built from steel and TIG welded for strength. Each model features adjustable pan and tilt with sturdy lock-off mechanisms, ensuring your projector will stay where you point it the first time.
The brackets are built with the same care and attention to detail that has made Brown’s range of aluminium trusses so popular.
Currently Brown’s have models to suit the Sony PX-35, PX-40, FX-51, Panasonic 7400e, 7500e and 7600e projectors, with more to follow soon. If you don’t see your model here, call us to discuss how we can help you.
For further information, customers in Victoria can find Brown’s Precision Welding on (03) 9701 2355 or at www.brownswelding.com.au
Outside of Victoria call Balanced Technology on 1300 305 832 or go to www.balancedtech.com.au
Jands JLX6 Modular Lighting Bar
Jands have developed a new lighting bar called the JLX6. It is a modular pre-wired lighting bar system featuring a central load-bearing extrusion with punched steel side panels, providing 2 segregated wiring compartments.
The JLX6 is suitable for fixed or portable applications.
A strut style channel at the top and bottom of the duct allows a variety of fixing methods including fly wires, chain motors, hook clamps or fixed support points.
Multiple JLX6’s can be joined and the top mounted cable management system allows cables from adjacent JLX6’s to be routed along the top of the adjacent bar.
Each JLX6 is supplied as a 2.35m long duct with an underslung 2.95m long steel 48.3mm OD rigging bar.
Six (6) 10A pre-wired 230V outlets are provided at 400mm centres along one side of the duct, extending to six (6) 3 pin 10A plug tails via an 18m multicore cable.
Additional power circuits, DMX and other services can be provided to extend the flexibility of the JLX system.
The Jands JLX6 lighting bar is designed and built to comply with the requirements of AS3100 and AS4991.
For more information on this product, and other Jands manufactured product please visit www.jands.com.au, email info@jands.com.au or call 02 95820 909
grandMA v5.4 now available
MA Lighting has announced the availability for download of its latest grandma software. grandMA v5.4 now features a full Blind Editor which works in parallel to the live programmer. When leaving blind mode, the original values of the programmer are restored automatically. Also, the last selection used in the blind programmer is restored on the time of re-entering. Each user in a multi-user network session has their own fully independent blind editor. Like the console, the grandMA 3D visualizer may also be used to preview and edit cues in blind mode. Cues can be easily changed on the console and previewed on grandMA in parallel, without affecting the live output on stage, say MA Lighting.
Functions such as Executor, Sequences, Cues, Macros, Presets etc may now be locked by any user with administrative rights to prevent unwanted modification or deletion. The usage and content of any channel, fixture, cue, preset or other element or range of elements can now be analysed with the new report function: the results as shown on screen can be printed or exported to a file (in CSV format) for external editing. Finally, profiles can be assigned for dimmer and movement transitions for each cue in a sequence. There are 16 predefined transition profiles, and 16 user-definable ones, which can be initialized with normal dimmer profiles.
Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

SoundiVision Dynamo
ULA is proud to introduce the Dynamo. Soundivision is now ready to take orders on the Dynamo, a compact scanner that will rock guests at any function with its dynamic effects. Great for many applications, including clubs, pubs, bars, home parties and many more. 4 channel DMX 512 control lets this fixture pan, tilt, shutter and shake, and includes 10 gobos plus open and blackout (7 one colour, 1 two colour, 1 three colour and 1 four colour). Gobo shaking, strobe and rainbow effects are available at variable speeds.
With marvelous sound activation under Master/Slave linkage with great pre-programmed lighting shows for immediate operation, this fixture is great for the amateur and professional alike. This smart scanner automatically recognises the operation under DMX or Master/Slave mode. The optional CA-8 Easy Controller also allows the many built in lighting shows to be activated at your fingertips. With an adjustable focus, easy access lamp door, fan cooling plus a thermal switch for overheat protection; this fixture suits many different applications.
With a powerful 100W lamp, compact measurements (38.5cm x 17cm x 12.2 cm), and weighing only 3.8kgs, the Dynamo will live up to its name and produce dynamic performances every time.
SoundiVision Baby Falcon
ULA is proud to present a new addition to the SoundiVision range, the Baby Falcon. A compact version of the popular Falcon (IMH-275R), this little bird delivers the same performance capabilities that will get the party started. Equipped with a motorised contractable reflector and a gobo/colour wheel, this fixture gives opening, closing and rotating effects. It has amazing pre-programmed lighting shows that are triggered by music, and a gobo/colour wheel with 11 gobos plus open (9 one colour, 1 bi-colour, 1 four-colour plus white on the same wheel). It has an adjustable focus, easy lamp access door and fan cooling. This fixture is suitable for a wide range of applications, including clubs, pubs, parties and mobile DJ’s.
With a powerful 100W performance, and compact size 31.5cm x 28cm x 15cm, the Baby Falcon weighs in at only 7.5kgs. We welcome the new addition to the SoundiVision family, if you want more information on it please contact ULA Marketing. Available mid-December!

Oracle Laser Announces the Complete T3 Excelsior Family!
After extensive testing and development, Oracle Laser is proud to announce the gold release of the Oracle Laser T3 Excelsior family, comprising the T3 Projector System, the T3 Control System and the T3 Remote Control Unit.
This release offers a complete laser solution for production/hire companies, nightclubs, parties, and advertising situations reliable, affordable and spectacular!
The newly released T3 Control System is a custom designed rack mount unit, incorporating sturdy design and manufacture the benchmark of all Oracle Laser systems. At the software heart is the Oracle 3D Control Software with its inbuilt safety and interlocking features that ensure a safe operating experience.
Being a dedicated live controller, speed, stability, reliability and safety are of utmost importance. Our systems have been successfully installed in many clubs both locally & abroad. This has resulted in many thousands of hours of operating time, which has been extensively drawn on in the development of this release.
In addition to the operating software, the control system also comes complete with the Oracle Laser Effects Library which is a vast and spectacular effects library which ships as standard with each system.
This library combined with the inbuilt audio trigger allows even a beginner operator to look like a experienced professional!
Automatic Operation!
For those environments that need a more automated system, the T3 Remote Control unit allows pushbutton access to an intelligent automatic playback. The Remote plugs directly into the Controller and has a simple user interface (for example Slow Medium Fast effects). By use of the audio trigger located in the Controller and custom designed algorithms, designed to emulate a live operator, the unit produces a reactive, quality laser show with minimum effort.
This unit is ideal for situations where a DJ may be the only person in control, or for hire companies wanting a simple operating solution for their clients.
The Complete Portable System
Each component of the T3 Family can be easily road-cased and carried by one person, or multiple systems can be combined into larger packaging solutions. We are able to provide packing solutions for you, or you can design your own.
The T3 Projector System is available is a range of colours and output power, but only require air cooling and a single phase 10 amp supply. The unit is also dust sealed to survive in harsh environments, unlike other systems in the marketplace.
The T3 Control System comes complete with flat 15 LCD screen, optical mouse and backlit keyboard. Visually the complete system is a sleek modern design and is sure to impress. The system is also available without the peripherals.
Order Now and received 10% off! Customers wishing to order a complete system (projector, control and remote) before the 25th of December will be receive a 10% discount off our listed price. Conditions apply.
For pricing and further information please click reply or call Adam Bold on 02 9599 5800 or mobile 04 1235 8249.
iLaser is here!
ULA will soon be the proud distributors of a laser that will enhance the variety of the iSolution family. The iLaser features 20 different patterns with many different effects – zoom, rotation, different position movements, on/off dot on line and discontinuous lines.
This 5-channel DMX 512 laser, which has fantastic pre-programmed shows on board, is perfect for entertainment showcasing. Controlled with either a custom-designed iLead controller, or by a universal DMX controller, this fixture gives you various lighting shows at your fingertips.
Able to be controlled by the iLead controller or a universal DMX controller, there is no need to calculate the DMX channels of each fixture in a chain. With easy installation, easy addressing and easy operation, the iLaser is the ideal solution for any laser needs. It can automatically switch between music trigger or auto trigger mode, and has a high efficiency last output system. It has a green 4.9mW laser power and Master/Slave mode can be automatically implemented.
With a beam angle of 68 degrees, and heat-resistant industrial PC housing, ultra-smooth, micro-stepping motors and a weight of only 2.3 kgs, this laser is a wonderful alternative for entertainment lighting. With an RRP of $1149, this is an affordable fixture, with many applications and design implementations. Available soon from ULA.
A complete 36 channel Lighting Control system for under $150? Merry Christmas!
Christmas is just around the corner, so Balanced Technology and Enttec thought they’d get in early and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. They even brought gifts!
For a limited time only, you can get a complete 36 channel version of LightFactory, Enttec’s unique PC-based Lighting Control Software, along with a DMX to USB interface and a 5-pin Male to 5-pin Male XLR gender changer for only $147.40 inc GST!
LightFactory is a fully functional lighting desk on your PC, suitable for controlling conventional and moving fixtures alike. The 36 channel version includes all of LightFactory’s popular features like the moving light libraries, effects engines, midi/timecode triggering and audio input. The only difference is it will only output 36 channels of DMX. Upgrades can be purchased to expand the output to up to 10 complete DMX universes.
Stocks are limited of this Christmas Special pack, so get in early. You can download a demo version of LightFactory from our website to try out for yourself today!
And when you’re designing that Christmas show this year, don’t forget Enttec have a great range of DMX recording and playback devices that are perfect for automatically running light shows, as well as a current trade-in offer on the Datagate DMX splitter/merger/Ethernet node.
For Availability, Pricing or Further Information, call Balanced Technology on 1300 305 832.
Griven KolorGlobe 4000 Now Available
ULA now has available a new addition to Griven’s wide range of exterior architectural projectors, the KOLOGLOBE 4000. It is a moving head ultra high power single beam colour changer searchlight.
KOLORGLOBE 4000 uses the Xenon 4000W flicker free lamp with nickel rhodium plated reflector to give an extraordinary light output, further enhanced by the narrow angle beam, zoom able electronically between 1° and 16°.
The CYM colour mixing system gives an enormous range of colour hues, and the unit is weather-proofed to a certified IP44 rating and so is specifically designed for exterior use (IP65 colour changer group).
The base unit features brake locking wheels and screw jacks for levelling and stabilising the unit, transit locks are provided for the pan and tilt movement and the unit is designed for reliability even in tough use, being built from aluminium and galvanised steel with scratch resistant textured polyester black finish.
The high technology lamp and colour changing/zoom optics section from the static beam Kolorjet is already proven, but the same attention to detail has been paid to the new base unit, and, for example, brushless servo motors are used for the pan and tilt movement to ensure high reliability and precision. On board or remote DMX512 gives access to all functions, which include frost soft effect, black out, dimmer, strobe and standby. Although it is likely that this unit will normally be run by external DMX (11 channels required), on board pre-programmed colour sequences plus a movement demo programme means that the unit could be used stand alone, as well.
The outstanding Griven KOLORGLOBE 4000 has huge creative possibilities, both with architectural and colour changing sky projector applications, as well as with live event use. This wide range of abilities makes the unit ideal for either rental companies or for fixed installations in large scale concepts

Australian distributor: ULA www.ula.com.au
Bytecraft to distribute LDR
Bytecraft Entertainment is now distributing lanterns from Luci della Ribalta, (LDR) an Italian manufacturer of theatrical lanterns and scrollers.
Luci della Ribalta, better known around the world as LDR, was started in 1997 with the specific goal of supplying the theatre lighting market with good quality, nice looking and affordable products. From its base in northern Italy, where it has its own design and assembly facilities, LDR supplies its dealers throughout the world with high-performance and stylish luminaires, complemented by a full range of accessories.
For further information on the LDR range please contact Bytecraft Lighting Sales on Melbourne (03) 8710 2555 or Sydney (03) 8568 4400
Martin introduce the new Mania EF2
Martin's Mania series of 'cool all night' effects just got cooler with the Mania EF2. The Mania EF2 is the second flower effect in the Mania EF (effect) series. Designed for anywhere decorative lighting is desired - clubs, live performances, parties and events.
The Mania EF2 is much more than a DJ lighting effect. Its multi-functionality means it can be used for a variety of purposes - revolving dance floor design, funky wall or stage projection, brilliant mid-air effect and more. The effect can be either sound triggered with patterns moving to the beat of the music, or automatic, performing its own program independent of sound.
The Mania EF2 houses eight gobo patterns - four dichroic colour patterns plus four coloured textured glass gobos. With 19 beams of light, a manually selectable gobo wheel, and a variable focus that allows you to frost any effect, the Mania EF2 is a very versatile effect. Mania EF2 features a long-life lamp with approx 800 hours of action. Like all Manias, the EF2 has no duty cycle, meaning there are no cool down periods and no stopping the show.
Mania comes with hanging bracket that also serves as a carrying handle, and as with all Mania products it is officially ETL, cETL and CE approved meaning users are assured of the fixture's safety and performance. Utilizing Martin's technical know-how from lighting the world's largest clubs, tours and special events, the Mania EF2 is bright, clear and functional.
Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

Software-only Catalyst packages
Entertainment lighting manufacturer High End Systems Inc has announced the immediate availability of three new versions of software-only Catalyst packages. The three versions are priced for any sized application or budget and enable customers to easily upgrade from one version of the product to the next.
Catalyst effectively combines lighting effects with digital media content to create virtual scenery. It allows lighting designers to integrate graphics and video and drive output devices such as High End Systems' Digital Light products (DL1 and DL2) as well as video screens and LED arrays. Previous to software-only versions, Catalyst was packaged with a complete media server system, which included an Apple G5 computer and related accessories.
Richard Belliveau, HES' chief technology officer, comments: "This is a natural progression for the product line. Offering software-only versions of Catalyst allows the customer more flexibility in configuring their systems, and it also better serves our international distribution network."
Having software-only packages allows customers to locally purchase their Apple computer equipment, guaranteeing Apple support and warranty. This also is a cost benefit for international customers, wherein import tariffs are no longer an issue. Choosing which Catalyst software product to choose depends on number of output layers, input/output devices to be supported and performance requirements. There are three new Catalyst software packages available:
Catalyst Pro software features 8 layers, 2 video outputs, MIDI Show Control input, 4 serial control devices, 3 RS422 (Sony 9-pin protocol) serial control of external devices, timecode input, presets and sound output (for playing movies with a soundtrack).
Catalyst DV software features 5 layers, single outputs, 4 movie playback layers plus one non-movie playback layer, which can be used for masking or images; 2 video inputs, MIDI Show Control input, 3 serial control devices, 2 RS422 (Sony 9-pin protocol) serial control of external devices, timecode input, presets and sound output.
Catalyst Xpress software features three layers, 2 movie playback and one mask layers, single output, MIDI Show Control input, 1 video input, presets and sound output. ,P> All Catalyst packages ship with more than 1,000 media files, which are optimized for lighting applications.
Distributed in Australia by ULA www.ula.com.au

An eye to the future with Visual-Patch
At this years LDI show in Las Vegas Artistic Licence announced its latest product for the lighting industry: Visual-Patch. With no more patching and no more start addresses, it is often said that the best inventions are the simple ones and that seems to be true with Visual-Patch. The company has combined the power of the new Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol, a lighting console and a video camera (simply point the camera at the stage and press the Visual-Patch button). The lighting console uses RDM to switch each lamp on in turn; it analyzes the position, shape and size of the lamp using the video camera, adds it to the patch and automatically sets the lamp start address.
The first product to implement Visual-Patch is Colour-Tramp, a lighting console optimized for control of two- and three-dimensional arrays of colour changers. Visual-Patch allows large arrays of pixels to be mapped and patched with ease. This is of particular benefit in random pixel arrangements such as 'video on star cloth' applications and was demonstrated at the recent LDI trade show in Las Vegas. With patents pending worldwide, Visual-Patch is a trade mark of Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd.

Australian distributors: Bytecraft Entertainment www.bytecraftentertainment.com Coemar De Sisti Australia Pty Ltd www.cdaust.com.au

Geni Super Flash String Light
With the silly season dawning upon us for yet another year we all gear up for the onslaught of the mayhem that the season brings. In terms of lighting, the ever popular method of festooning can be seen everywhere with stings of coloured lamps strung in every tree and between buildings alike.
In time for this year's season we have received our shipments of our Super Flash String Light from Geni. This item creates an even more dynamic look by using multicoloured strobe bulbs that strobe randomly along the string. The unit can be run through the branches of a tree, along the length of a fence, up the side of a building, around some signage or in fact any number of places that you wish to create an attraction or seasonal theme.
But the Super Flash String Light isn't just confined for use as a seasonal effect; in fact it is ideal for use by rental, hire and install companies to string along or through lighting truss to create a feature of flashing, animating truss. It is also weather proof and thus can be used outside.
The package comes including the string of bulbs reading to plug in and a set of quick release attachment clips that can be used to attach the string to flat surfaces such as walls.
12 Flash Bulbs per String
Lamp Average Life: 2000 hour
Flash Rate: 0.5 ~ 1 fps
String Length: 4.76m

Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
ADJ PAR56 Stand Set
The Par can tree has long been considered the classic effect for live venues and mobile operators alike. Its key is its versatility and value, what else can deliver that wide spread flood of colour for the price. When used with a chaser or Light Modulator it can become a chasing show or mobile small stage/theatre set.
So for the first time, Show Technology are now offering the complete par and stand set, packaged together ready to be plugged into your favourite control device. The set includes 4 x Short Par 56 cans complete with colour frames, 4 x medium flood Par 56 lamps, 1 x 3m lighting push up stand 4 x sets of red, green, blue and yellow gel. All for only $369.00 RRP!
The stand comes complete with a T-bar and nut and bolt sets to rig the fixtures. The stand also features a “lazy leg” system to allow level use despite being on uneven surfaces. The polished version is currently in stock, with the black version arriving soon.
Ideal for use with our Geni 4 Channel Chaser or Light Modulator, which are also available.

JEM Hydra Fog system
Jem’s new Hydra fog system is the perfect fog solution for themed environments, large clubs or any area that requires a fog effect delivered from multiple locations. The intelligent Hydra fog system eliminates the need to purchase multiple fog machines by allowing users to control up to 16 fog heads from one conveniently located base unit.
All heads can be individually controlled, so users can trigger a single fog head or multiple heads at a time. Each 1.5kW fog head is capable of delivering anything from a high volume of dense white fog to a translucent canopy of haze.
The base unit can hold either one or two 25-liter fluid containers and accepts a large variety of fluids for different effect options. The temperature of the fog heads is automatically adjusted to match the particular fluid.
Each fog head can be placed up to 30 meters from the DMX-controlled base unit and 20 meters up in inaccessible areas such as high in trussing, ceilings or under floors, while the fluid supply and pump system is installed in a more convenient location.
The system includes a number of safety features, including a leak detection system that automatically shuts off the system in the event of a fluid seepage. Reliability is enhanced by the inclusion of an electronic low fluid cut off system and overheat protection.

Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au

LiveLED 100
Advanced Lighting Systems released the LiveLED 100 LED fixture at LDI. The compact, yoke mounted LiveLED 100 is designed to provide the output and performance required for production environments and the versatility and long life required for architectural installations. The LiveLED 100 was designed primarily as a colour wash cyc light with interchangeable lenses for narrow, oval and wide beam control. The 100 watt fixture achieves a 1400 lumen output using approximately 1 amp of power. The LiveLED 100 features an integrated power supply, divers and DMX control eliminating the need for external components and dimmer packs. RGB color mixing allows for 16.7 million colors using either a DMX controller or onboard pre-programmed macros activated via a user-friendly rotary knob control panel. In short, the LiveLED 100 represents a new benchmark for performance and features in the fast changing LED market.
High End Systems debuts DL2 at LDI
High End Systems DL2 is the third generation in its digital lighting line uniting the worlds of automated lighting and digital video to create “virtual scenery” but with additional advanced features. DL2 is a “smart” automated lighting system featuring an integrated digital media server. In one single package is housed a light engine, media server and content – and it hangs and acts like an automated light.
DL2 also reduces space and installation time. There’s no need for RGB cabling, and servers are no longer necessary at the front-of-house position. DL2 resembles an intelligent moving luminaire and controls just as easily – it’s a plug-and-play operation using standard DMX cabling and protocols.
Its many features include: Digital Eye (infrared illuminator) is standard; ability to import 3D object images; two object layers (2D or 3D) and one mask layer; software based on Windows XP and DirectX; rotation and movement synchronization between DL2 units; movie playback synchronization between multiple DL2s; iris for full black-out; tiling with different viewpoints; edge blending for creating montages; custom-created library of digital art; scaling of objects on X, Y and Z axes; full color mixing; ability to change viewing angle/perspective on images; remote video input switching; and 400-degree pan and 270-degree tilt.

Distributed in Australia by ULA www.ula.com.au
White Light's Digital Festoon System
Digital Festoon System is a radical rethink of conventional festoon lighting allowing each lamp along a festoon to be individually dimmed under the control of either a laptop or via DMX from a lighting console. Giving the possibility of creating stunning light displays from apparently simple strings of light bulbs, the Digital Festoon System carries both power and DMX using a patented data system. Up to 200 lamps can be controlled from a single Digital Festoon System power supply.
Launched at this year's PLASA Show, the Digital Festoon System was one of the winners of the PLASA Show's Awards for Innovation. It will no-doubt appeal to those creating novel light shows and those looking to create spectacular signs

Australian distributor: Chameleon Touring Systems www.chameleon-touring.com.au
Vari-Lite Introduces Two New Luminaires at LDI
CYM color mixing, other features added to popular Series 2000™ fixtures
The introduction of the new VL2500™ Spot and VL2500™ Wash luminaires exemplifies Vari-Lite's commitment to provide valuable lighting tools designers can use for any type of project or event. In the VL2500 luminaires, Vari-Lite has added an improved CYM color-mixing system, a coated glass dimmer wheel and a separate dual-blade strobe system to its extremely popular Series 2000™ product line.
The CYM color-mixing system provides designers a myriad of color options, from pastels to deep colors. The Vari-Lite color-mixing system is extremely fast, so it responds almost like a fixed color wheel so designers can quickly snap from one color to the next. The VL2500 fixtures also have an 11-slot fixed color wheel that allows designers even more freedom to create new looks and designs by laying any of the 11 colors over open white or any color they mix with the CYM system.
"Designers recognize that Vari-Lite makes lighting tools," said Vari-Lite product manager George Masek. "We're also very interested in responding to our customers' needs. The VL2500 fixtures are perfect examples of that. We took an existing product that is a staple in the industry, and we refined and improved upon it."
We use a higher resolution coating process on the dichroic CYM wheels used in the VL2500 fixtures, resulting in a more even color mix. The VL2500 fixtures also now feature separate dimmer and strobe systems that provide an extremely smooth dimming curve and lightning fast strobe action.
"As the automated lighting industry matures, clients are demanding more reliable and useful tools - not necessarily more wild, outrageous features they might use one time during a show," Masek said. "What matters most to designers is clarity of optics; zoom; smooth, quick movement and strong output at a reasonable price. That is Vari-Lite's focus when it comes to the development of new fixtures."
The VL2500 fixtures are also built with a beam size iris motor that is quieter than the motors in the original Series 2000 fixtures. The pan and tilt motors on the fixtures -- the same ones used in the 1200W Series 3000™ luminaires - are more powerful, provide more torque and are quieter as well.
"Designing products with a long life-cycle shows fidelity to all of our customers," Masek said. "Rental houses aren't interested in products that become obsolete almost bi-annually. And we show loyalty to the designers and end users by offering quality optics and features they actually use day in and day out in all types of applications."
Australian distributor: Jands www.jands.com.au

MagicQ leads with media server connectivity
Magic QChamSys celebrated the launch of their new MagicQ lighting consoles at PLASA 04 with an innovative demonstration of their powerful distributed client / server architecture. Media clips were selected from thumbnails displayed on the MagicQ touch screen.
The MagicQ 100 console controlled a Hippotizer video media server with live retrieval of the media thumbnails onto the console over an Ethernet network. "Being able to select media clips from thumbnails on the touch-screen of your lighting console has to be the way forward." pointed out VJ and LD Francis Martin "I cannot understand why companies supplying both products for several years have not already done this".
MagicQ is ideally suited to controlling media servers with all their associated control parameters through the eight separate encoder wheels. And with full Cue Stack capability on every playback fader it becomes easy to control highly cued shows, incorporating video, lighting and LED elements.
The MagicQ operating system based on Linux has a fully distributed design which will allow future systems to control an almost unlimited number of channels. As well as expandability the client / server architecture allows data for the user interface to be requested from any source. In the PLASA demonstaration this was from a video server. When the ACN protocol standard is finalised this could equally be a moving light supplying pictures of the gobo’s installed to make selection easy. With the solid base of a distributed client / server architecture designed from the bottom levels up ChamSys expect to be in a leading position to take advantage of the Advanced Control Network (ACN) protocols when the standard is agreed.
ChamSys had an extremely busy stand at PLASA with many visits from Lighting Designers, Rental and Sales organisations alike. The word had clearly got around quickly that there was a new console in the market place to replace the gap left by the end of life of many older consoles. Lighting Designers were picking up the console in no time at all - the familiar layout and ease of use through the large colour touch-screen making it an easy step for desk operators and programmers alike. Many could not believe the price for so much control, power and functionality. By utilising the latest components from the telecommunications industry, and advanced production techniques, MagicQ is priced well below the equivalent competition. For little more than the price of an Avo Pearl you get better functionality than a Hog2.

ChamSys also launch MagicQ PC.
Media Server close upAt PLASA 2004 ChamSys also launched the PC version of the MagicQ consoles, MagicQ PC, bringing the power and flexibility of the MagicQ system to low cost PC based control.
The software is free to download from ChamSys' website and has exactly the same functionality as the consoles. And unlike other PC based software it is not limited to being an off line editor – it is fully functional and outputs 6 universes with all the features of the MagicQ consoles. With standard Ethernet to DMX boxes or DMX interfaces, such as the Enttec USB to DMX dongle, you have a complete Hog PC style lighting desk
For extra control you can connect the MagicQ PC wing via USB. Software director Chris Kennedy commented, "We expected MagicQ PC Wing to get a great response and we weren't disappointed. With a playback wing, a programming wing and DMX outputs all combined into one package we couldn't really go wrong. Where else can you get a 6 universe lighting desk, with high quality Alps faders, HP encoders and optically isolated DMX outputs, that you connect to your laptop for under a £1000 list?" ChamSys is currently appointing dealers worldwide
To check out ChamSys Ltd product range visit and download the free MagicQ PC software at www.chamsys.co.uk

SGM introduces a broad range of new products at LDI2004
GiottoSGM of Italy chose the LDI 2004 show to introduce a wide selection of new products to its catalogue.
The PALCO, a groundbreaking colour-change projector for both indoor and outdoor applications, which combines 49 high-power Luxeon LEDs as its light source.
The GIOTTO SPOT 400 CMY moving head, featuring 400W hot re-strike MSR lamp, 12,000 Lux at 5 m., motorized focus and zoom, advanced CMY colour mixing, indexable gobo and animation wheels, electronic ballast, absolute silent operation.
The GIOTTO SPOT 700, a hi-tech moving head which offers a number of advanced features, including hot re-strike, CMY colour mixing, animation wheel (360 rotation and revolution), pan/tilt lock - electronic unlock, electronic ballast, ethernet interface, DMX wireless interface, RDM protocol implemented on DMX.
The REGIA 2048 lighting console with new software upgrade (which introduces a series of new features, including external touch screen support) and built-in driver for the WYSIWYG Console Edition.

Regia   Palco

Distributed in Australia by ULA www.ula.com.au

HUI and LUI ranges of Cyc, Flood & Groundrow from Selecon
HuiMore light, a smooth well-controlled beam with seamless blending, evenness and consistency from two advanced ranges of theatre lighting luminaires. Available as single, 3- and 4-way battens, or choose to join single luminaires together to create your own custom battens using Selecon’s unique slot lock joining system. A choice of lamp options* provide all the light you want and just as importantly - where you want it with no distracting spill.
The HUI range replaces Selecon’s Acclaim Cyc, Flood and Groundrow range from October 2004. Fitted with the 500W lamp, it is suitable for cycs up to approximately 5m high. The use of the 800W P2/11 lamp allows for high intensity colour saturated cycs; smaller studios and to light higher cycs where luminaire hanging height is limited.
The LUI range of 1000W luminaires is designed for larger cycs or longer throws, particularly for users unable to afford our top specification Aurora range.
HUI and LUI have been designed with the hallmark operator and safety features distinct in all Selecon luminaires —automatic power disconnect of the mains supply (phase and neutral) so no-one lamps into a live socket plus the added protection of safety glass. This coupled with its compact size, longer filter life thanks to further developments on the heat exhaust / control system and simplicity of use - fast colour filter application and the ability to relamp without breaking focus makes specifying or purchasing these luminaires the easiest decision that you’ll make all year.
The cyc converst to a groundrow by simply reversing the luminaire.
*HUI – 800W P2/11, 500W K1, 300W K9 or 200W K11 THD lamps (118mm).
*LUI – K4 range of 1000W lamps (189mm).

Lui  Dui

For further product information and downloadable specification sheets -
www.seleconlight.com/hui.html and www.seleconlight.com/lui.html

Robe launches new ColorMix luminaires
ColorMix Robe Show Lighting from the Czech Republic, has announced the launch of its two latest fixtures - both of which are in full production. ColorMix 575 AT and ColorMix 550 AT extend its popular current range of static colour mixing fixtures yet further, say Robe. The versatile ColorMix 575 and 550 fixtures are ideal for theatres, clubs, live performance and stage work, TV studios and interior architectural applications - anywhere where powerful, evenly-spread colour mixing is needed.
The standard ColorMix 550 AT fixture offers full CMY colour changing facilities, manual zoom with a beam angle range of 7-26°, separate shutter for blackout and variable strobe effects, plus ultra-smooth micro-step driven dimming, selectable between 8- and 16-bit.
For those looking for specific features or more intensity, the ColorMix 575 AT offers remote zoom of 7-26°, continuously rotating colour wheel with four colours, 3200ºK, 5600ºK, UV and frost filters plus open. The 575 also has a beam shaper, adjustable between 0-180°. For additional micro-step driven smoothness, the 575 also features 8- or 16-bit selectable resolution for zoom, dimmer and colour wheel rotation and positioning functions.

Australian Distributor ULA www.ula.com.au
DHA seeks new designs for Gobo library
DHA Lighting, manufacturer of gobos with over thirty years experience in the field, is looking to expand its extensive gobo library with a new Designers' Collection - a range of gobos inspired or created by lighting designers.
If you have the perfect gobo, the gobo you've always needed or wanted, lodged in your imagination, then now is the time to get the idea to DHA. Submissions in any form are welcome, whether a rough description, an adaptation of an existing gobo or a fully formed design on paper or in electronic format. The range will include metal, glass and coloured glass gobos, so just about any design can be realized.
The new Collection will be launched by DHA early next year, listed in a new Designers' Collection section of the DHA gobo library with the gobo's creator fully credited. Pricing will be as DHA's existing gobos, with the new gobos available from stock as with the current range. DHA gobos are also distributed under the Rosco brand name. Ideas or designs can be submitted to DHA by post, by fax or by email to dianeg@dhalighting.co.uk
EasyColor LED Colour Wash Moving yokes
The popular EasyColor LED colour wash moving yoke from Ayrton (also known as the EyeColor) now has a big brother! The new EasyColor2 keeps all the goodies found on the original, but features 36 LED output, electronic ballast, unique white-colour balance, USB software upgrades and more.
Contact CDA now on (03) 9467 8666 or via email at sales@cdaust.com.au for further information, or see the unit online at:
Arri introduces X Ceramic 250
Arri Inc has introduced the new Arri X Ceramic 250, which employs the new Ceramic ST 250 HR discharge lamp from Philips, producing a 3200°K Tungsten quality light. This new lamp from Philips provides almost the same light output as a 1kW Halogen lamp, yet consumes just a quarter of its power. Besides considerable cost savings due to the low power consumption (250W) the fixture dissipates significantly less heat than a Halogen fixture, making it a 'cool' unit, which can be touched with bare hands even after hours of operation.
The ARRI X Ceramic 250 is based on the design of the ARRI X Series, but includes a built-in ballast and igniter and can be directly plugged to power. Using the ARRI X reflector technology guarantees excellent light distribution, say Arri, suitable for a smooth and cool background or fill light. With optional snoot and eggcrates, a smooth but directional source makes the unit an ideal key. Alternatively, sharp shadows can be created by switching to a black reflector and a clear safety glass.
The ARRI X Ceramic 250 provides a very wide spread and is therefore ideal for lighting situations in narrow spaces where maximum output is required. The new fixture will be available in late November 2004.
The Woodroffe Gobo Collection
Internationally renowned Lighting Designer Patrick Woodroffe, working with his long time Associate Designer Adam Bassett, has designed a new set of gobos for the industry standard MAC 2000 Profile. The Woodroffe Gobo Collection, which had its first showing at the Martin stand at the PLASA exhibition in London, makes a whole new set of design opportunities available.
Martin asked Patrick to comment on the process and how he approached the task of creating a new set of gobos for an industry standard fixture. “Our aim in designing a new set of gobos for the MAC 2000 Profile, was to give a new lease of life to a well-loved and familiar fixture, and so allow designers to rediscover its potential,” he commented.
“We were determined that each gobo had to work on its own merits, either as a simple projection or as a kinetic effect when looking back down the light. The three-dimensional depth and mesmeric effects as the designer combines different gobos in their various permutations should be seen as a bonus!
“Nature and architecture have been constant inspirations in the choice of images, but we have been surprised at how, under certain conditions of focus and zoom, one element has so easily taken on such a different form, mood and appearance.
“In designing the gobos we have been mindful of the need for the images to work for a variety of disciplines and designers - for theatre, for television, for live performance and for installations. I hope that there is something here for everyone.”
Martin has kept its ear to the industry door. By asking one of the industry’s top lighting designers to create an original set of unique patterns, Martin is fulfilling users’ desire for an all new realm of design possibilities, fresh options that design professionals will find creatively invaluable in a large variety of applications.
All of the new gobos will be produced in glass in order to give the best image quality possible, both in terms of output and picture sharpness. The Woodroffe Gobo Collection will be on display at the upcoming LDI show in Las Vegas.

Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
Coemar LineaLED range released
Coemar’s totally new addition to the world of LED lighting is now available from CDA. The LineaLED range comprises a series of strip-based led products including RGB colour mixing, single colour and multi-colour options. In addition to the illumination sources, the range also includes a series of power supplies and control systems that offer the user a wide choice of installation options. Contact CDA now on (03) 9467 8666 or via email at sales@cdaust.com.au for further information, or see the products online at:

Geni Moving Scan
Geni Electronics' new MOS Moving Scan concept is an evolved combination of the moving head and the scanner, combining the stylish design and unlimited angle rotation of the moving head with the speed of response of the scanner lens. Shown to considerable acclaim at last month's PLASA Show, both the MOS-300 (MSD 250W) and MOS-700 (HTI 700W) offer all kinds of potential for interior designers.
Features common to both products include the combination of X/Y axes of the moving head, with X/Y axes of the scanner lens, 10 dichroic colours plus 3200K colour temperature correction filter, six self-rotating gobo patterns (plus open), with glass custom options, Prism rotators, high-speed flash, mechanical light adjustment, DMX remote-controlled focus, plastic casing colour options and a modular design.

Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
The all-new VIVID range of effects machines from Antari
Up to now, no effects machines have been designed specifically for the DJ market. With the new VIVID brand by Antari, things have changed. All machines in the independent VIVID line have been developed with input from DJ’s around the world.
The VIVID V-1 Fog Machine is the first offering in the line; this smoke machine offers great performance and styling in a small, portable package. The unit size of a toaster but generates a steady, high volume burst of smoke and, unlike competing machines can keep smoking at full volume continuously for as long as needed. This ability to generate steady, continuous fog is due to the use of Antari’s ECO thermal control system.
The V-1’s case is made of sturdy, impact resistant plastic and is available in four colours yellow, red, blue and black. The V-1 has an internal liquid tank, fluid level indicator, nozzle protector, built-in handle, and comes with one touch constant fogging and a ready to fog LED indicator.
Using regular glycol based fog fluid the VIVID VF-A Fazer creates a translucent haze perfect for lighting applications. The VF-1 is a compact unit that continues with the theme of style, function and economy that defines the VIVID line of effects machines.
The fazer allows the user to bring their lighting to life whether it is used with a few lights or a full lighting system. The top mounted fan at the front of the fazer forces the haze to expand while pushing it downwards. This disperses the haze so that the light can be seen while not obscuring everything else in cloud of smoke. From ground level, the haze expands upwards to provide effective coverage in any venue. The VF-1 fazer has been designed for DJ’s; keeping in mind style, portability and performance.
Owing to the ECO thermal control system, the VF-1 can faze continuously. For timer control, there is a simple timer button built into the handle of the VF-1 that controls the duration of haze blasts. Using this function, the interval between 3 seconds and 3 minutes by holding the button down for the amount of time desired for each blast. The optional wired remote allows for on and off control of haze generated and has override control of the fazer’s timer function. It allows for constant hazing and has a ready to haze LED indicator.
The VB-1 Bubbler is destined to be a favourite with DJ’s and their fans. Using a wheel with a double set of bubble wands, the VB-1 can quickly throw hundreds of bubbles into the air.
A large fan at the back of the unit puches the liquid out of the wands forming bubbles that swirl out of the machines’s mouth and descend to the crowd below. The hanging bracket allows for the option of hanging the bubbler from a truss to increase bubble travel.
This bubble machine has been designed for easy operation and maintenance without giving up any ground on performance. The unit has a hinge bottom that allows the wheel and liquid tray to be quickly cleaned. Re-filling can be done this way or through the opening at the top of the machine.
The VB-1’s rounded metal case looks like it is from the future and creates an expectation that only the cascade of bubbles it generates can live up to.
The VS-1 Snower is a full powered snow machine in a compact case. The snow machine’s fan forces the snow out at a high velocity which carries it a considerable distance. Using the hanging brackets allows the VS-1 to be placed above the crowd and the snow to fall over them in a large cone shaped area.
Australian Distributor: Coemar De Sisti Australia www.cdaust.com.au
Martin Professional's MC Switch
The new plug and play MC Switch from Martin lets you power up and down six fixtures such as lights, fog machines or mirror balls, with the option of daisy-chaining up to 24 units through four power boxes. The MC Switch controls lights such as the Martin Manias, Egos, T-Rex and Raptor, as well as other equipment including mirror balls and fog machines. Sturdy and robust, MC Switch may be placed on a table, rack-mounted or truss-mounted, say Martin.
Designed for easy use, installation and set-up, the MC Switch control box connects to a power box with six IEC channels out via RJ 45 cable - allowing a maximum of 300W output for each (US version maximum output 250W per output/fixture). Control is a mains power on/off digital switch, which is controlled via a remote control with on/off buttons.

Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
Pulsar super high power LED fixtures
The recent PLASA show saw the preview of two high-power ChromaRange product additions, the ChromaBatten200 and ChromaFlood200; both are 200W LED fixtures! The ChromaBatten200 is a 4ft/1.2m batten whilst the ChromaFlood200 is a compact flood fixture. Both units are IP65 rated and are powered directly from 100-240 Volts and have full remote DMX control of RGB levels to allow endless colour mixing. Internal sequences provide operation without a separate control system.

Australian distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au
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